Braham Day Pie                         Pie Tin Art Contest

All artwork must use at least 1 Pie Day Pie Tin 

 Braham Pie Day is looking for anyone                                   (0-99 years of age)

Interested in making a piece of art work from Braham Pie Day pie tins. We have pie tins available (not suitable for food) for purchase at $1.00 apiece.

Pie Tins are available at Braham City Hall


All artwork must be dropped off at Braham Event Center on July. 29th between (2pm – 7pm)

Artwork will be judged by viewer’s choice – week of July 30 to Aug 1st.

Winners will be called & announced on the Pie Day Stage Friday                                          Aug 2nd at 2:45pm 

All remaining artwork we ask that you please leave on display at the                                  Braham Event Center through Saturday Aug 3rd for the                                                        Braham Class Reunion Party

Artwork can be picked up anytime Monday Aug 5th from 9am – 7pm

There will be 2 levels of Awards.

Adult age 18-99

Kid age 0-17

Prizes will be determined by the amount of pie tins sold.

                     This contest is voted on by the public – and it is meant to be fun!!

Pie Tins can be purchased at Braham City Hall

  Any Questions please call 320-396-4956

                                                        Thank you to all that participate.


 Recycled Braham Pie Tin Art contest winners for 2023   

Mary Carlson
Ayla Edwards